Monday, June 13, 2011

Miss Carleigh's Blanket

Another Butterfly Kiss is about to head back home to her momma!


I can't tell you how much it means to me that these moms trust me enough to send their precious blankets to me and allow me to do something that is very therapeutic for me.

My family is becoming very used to taking boxes and envelopes from our mailbox or porch and just setting them on my studio counter.  No questions asked.

I definitely know that they understand how important it is for not only ME, but more important for the ones we are giving just another piece of their baby back.  We understand the need to have physical reminders that say "THEY WERE HERE".

As I am editing these amazingly perfect feet print

and/or hand prints,

I sometimes hear comments such as "Oh, so cute!" 

and "Look at those!  So tiny!". 

When I fret over making a print more solid or make it less blotchy like their actual print, I just have to ask my dear hubby his opinion. 

We usually end up both agreeing that even though the prints don't look solid, they are EXACTLY the way they are on the paper that their prints touched.

So if you noticed missing patches on Carleigh's prints, they are not a mistake, they are the open areas that were created when her actual prints were made.

  They are what make Carleigh different than every other baby that has arrived on this Earth. 

I wouldn't dare change what God created himself, right?

About the baby that those precious little prints belong to?  

Miss Carleigh.

  Her mom blogs often about her. 

  Just click on the button to read about her and her momma. 

You will love getting to know the two of them!


  1. I received her blanket last week. Thank you!!!! It is so lovely!! Def a treasure! ♥

  2. Picture a big smile inserted here!

  3. Such a beautiful gift you are giving to these mamas...thank you for reaching out in this way, sweet Heidi. I love how God makes beauty from ashes...and your ministry is just that.

    Thank you for blessing my Holly-girl with a beautiful gift from her sweet Carleigh...I love the way you talked about not changing the way God created Carleigh and how her prints are what make her different than any other baby. Such a precious sentiment true for all our sweet babies.

    Love and blessings to you...

  4. Blushing.....But thanks for the kind words. A teeny tiny spring is in my step today thanks to your comment Kelly!


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