Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Spirit

A few weeks ago, I was just not in the mood for Christmas. 

The "Main" Tree

But in the last week, this little guy has really brightened up the holidays.

"Kid" Tree decoration time!

His spirit is catching.  The way he looks in awe at the lights.  The way he smiles as if he knows a secret.

His delight has spurred me to spend some time decorating (I think I will have a wordless Wednesday to show you the end results).

I want to make this the best Last First Christmas ever in our household.
I am apologizing now, to my dear friends and family, if you don't get your "Holiday card" with letter by the end of the week.  We have gingerbread houses to make, presents to wrap, Santa cookies to create, and a quilt to make.

A quilt, you say?  NOW?

I promise...only if there is time. And only if Button is sleeping!   I want to enjoy every moment of my Christmas Break with the boys.  They are officially home until after New Years.  Fun, fun, fun!

But wouldn't you be oh, so very tempted to make THIS one.

I already have the fabric.

Those numbers? I have already have discussed the fabric selection with my Crafty Sewing Mamas.  

Some have told me that sleep is overrated. 
Some think I have lost my mind.

We shall see.....


  1. I love the term "Last First" as I look at everything we do with Miss Lily as a "Last First" ..... She is three early next year and I am even looking at her birthday as my "Last" 3 y.o. birthday cake I make for a child of mine but it's her "First" cake as a three year old. It helps me to remember the simple things in life and appreciate them more.

    Your have some beautiful photos just here of your boys with the tree, I can only imagine what you have there to cherish. Enjoy your "Last First" christmas with all four of your boys :o) xx

  2. I can't wait to see the end result of your decorations! They will be beautiful, I am sure!


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