Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Home Stretch {WIP Wednesday}

I am getting pretty pumped!

I am three quarters of the way done binding my Stars and Stripes Quilt!

I loaded it last week on ole Betsy.  I had planned on following the example from the Hexagogo book. 

But I was carried away and it took much longer than I had anticipated.

Especially since hubby was gone all last week!

I am extremely happy with the dense quilting since it is going to be a wall hanging. And after blinding it with it on my lap the past few days? I don't think anyone will want to curl up under it. It is heavy and huge!

After binding, I have to make hanging sleeves.

My goal is a complete finish by end of business day on Thursday!


  1. Wow, this is going to be stunning when it's done! What a beautiful quilt. :)

  2. Go you! That's a monster, but totally worth all the quilting once its on the wall. Stunning!

  3. Some wonderful quilting on your quilt. All those hexies are so pretty and patriotic looking. I am assuming it is an American flag.


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