Tuesday, October 15, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Countdown to Christmas

There is no denying it anymore.  

Christmas approaches quickly....and I am not exactly ready.

Do making scrap buckets and potholders count?

Based on the scrap bins from the book "Sunday Morning Quilts"

 I was sitting in the carpool line today listening to Button hollering "when is it going to move?" while taking a moment to glance at some blogs.  Ironically, I have not read someone's blog in a very long time.  Possibly, spring?  I fell upon one of my favorite Aussie quilters.  Sharon at Lilabelle Lane.  She posted about accountability.  Ironically, I was thinking the same thing.

After rearranging my studio, I can no longer claim that I am overcome with disorganization! I can no longer blame it on a commissioned project.  The last three months of the year are all mine.
  It is time to get to business!

So how do you make yourself accountable?
Lists of course!  And no new projects. Whatsoever!

Quilt Gift MUST DOs

It's all about my parents and in-laws this Christmas!

Gramm's quilt
Pop's quilt (binding)
Oma and Opa's quilt (top in progress)

Quilt Gift Would Like to Have Done

I'd really like to have a quilt under the tree for each of my boys.  It's a lovely moment in my head and will be difficult to complete them in secret, even though they already know what their quilts are. So the surprise would be the unexpected delivery!

Teen Boy (#1): Argyle Quilt (still piecing hexies...)
Need to applique onto background

Bean Boy (#2): Highlighter quilt (top finished)
Just need to finish binding!

Bunny Boy (#3): Minecraft (pattern designed and fabrics chosen)
Baby Boy Button (#4):  Scoot Quilt (pattern designed and fabrics waiting)

Christmas Quilts I'd like Available for Snuggles

Blizzard (top finished, backing ready)

Winter's Lane (top finished)]backing ready.

Home Decor Distractions....

New Dog Bed Covers (tops pieced)
Stars and Stripes Quilt (needs border and backing pieced)
Bean Bag Pillows for Game/Toy Room
New Throw Pillows for Game/Toy Room
Button's Nursery Rocking Chair Cushion
 Library Window Treatments
Dining Room Window Treatments

Me Projects

Scrap Buckets (only 6 out of 12 finished)
 Sewing Circle Tote (pattern and fabrics ready)
Swap with do.goodstitches bee gals!
Write up Tutorials and Patterns that are cluttering up my mind. (1 out of 3)

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

And now that I see this typed out!??!!?  55ish days left?  
I know! More days than that, but I need to give myself time to wrap and/or ship!

Ha.  Wishful thinking. 
 But isn't that what Christmas is all about??!?!


  1. So many WIPs and Christmas wanna-makes! Good luck!

  2. Love your projects. Keep going you are almost there. I actually showed a pic of my project book today. (It's unfortunately too thick.) Good luck.

  3. Only 55ish days? Man! I better get busy! :) Love those scrap buckets, and that highlighter quilt looks fierce! :) Good luck!

  4. I love your scrap buckets! I have that book too but I keep my scraps in zip lock bags. Not as pretty by far!!

  5. Keep on going! You can do it! I love the scrap buckets! What pattern are they?

    1. Hey Whitney! Thanks for the encouragment! The buckets are from the book Sunday Morning Quilts. It is a great book that helps you take a good look at your scraps and several scrapbusting patterns! I adapted her pattern to fit my cabinet shelves. I have to make mine thinner and longer so I can fit all of the colors I want! Hoping to add glass to the cabinet doors so I can see the pretties!!!!

  6. Beautiful projects! I love the hexies!

  7. 55 days - plenty of time! Good luck! I think buckets and potholders definitely count. Stopping by from WIP Wednesday


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