Thursday, July 7, 2011

Windows, windows, windows!

I am in a window treatment kind of mood this week!

 Too bad I have a Disney outfit project to do for a friend/client, 

 Button's window treatment idea is dancing in my head!

Yes...another sneak peak of his nursery! 
I have a tutorial in the works for you on the paint treatment!


Since I can't share his yet, because I don't have any pictures, I CAN share the boys room!

You might remember that I did the boys room (Bean and Bunny's) in January.  


If you recall, I hadn't quite finished it.
I couldn't climb the ladder, so had to wait for the other half to help me.

We finally did get their window treatment up!

Hubby was very impressed that I lined up the stripe so well.  

I was a bit offended...I mean, really?
  He didn't know I was so talented?

One of my favorite additions were the lap desks.  There are two that stack, perfect for some Lego projects or (in my mind) homework!   

Bean boy was the one who spotted them at Hobby Lobby.  

My favorite part? 

He exclaimed REALLY loudly..."Mom, look, lap desks.  They are the most PERFECT color for our room."  

Wait, it get's better.

He approached them and said,
"Mom, they are on sale!  40% off".

Oh, no, it doesn't end there, 

as we walk out of Hobby Lobby with our bags he exclaims,
"Mom, we had a really successful trip today.  Things we needed and good deals!"

Be still, my heart.


Did I mention that he said the same thing about these little guys we picked up?

(I think at Target?)

And I apologize for the photos...I am just not very good at dealing with the light in their rooms!!

And the magnets I promised?

We are almost done with them.  

When it is a "group" project with the boys, I have to squeeze in time into their busy schedule.  

You know, swimming, basketball in the driveway, play station, Wii, not to mention their sports camps this summer!


  1. What an adorable bedroom for little boys! Love the colors!! And soo clean! ;)

  2. Thanks Amy!

    The colors were a bold move for me. I usually am miss "tame", but recently, I have decided not to worry about "if/when" we have to sell and focus on doing what I want!

    As for the clean usually is as long as they pick up their clothes and make their beds.

    Their game/toy room? A whole 'nother story ;)!!!!


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