Monday, June 23, 2014

If You Give a Quilter a Studio.....{Studio Makeover}

 If you give a quilter a studio....

Before photo
She'll ask you for new floors to go with it.

Maple Country by Home Legend
If you give her new floors,

She'll ask for the walls to be painted.

Paint:  Behr Bon Voyage
If you paint the walls,

She'll ask you for new window treatment fabric.

When you hang the new window treatments,

She will notice the fan blades don't match the floor, so you'll flip the blades around.

Since you are standing on it, she will probably ask you to move the island back towards the windows.

When you move the island, she'll notice she has more floor space to take pictures of quilts and blocks.

When she notices how clean the room looks with more floor space, 
she'll decide to she'll need some closet organization.

When she has more room in the closet, 

Cart from Country Door (vintage shopping cart)
She'll realize she has more space and store her rolling iron cart in it.  

She'll like the wire closet drawers from the closet so much, that she adds a unit with pre-cuts, 

When she realizes she likes to see her fabric, 

She will decide to rearrange her fabric and add her fat quarters with her mini bolts. 

She'll like the rainbow order so much, 

She'll organize her thread and buttons. 

But then she'll say she needs rainbow storage for her fabric scraps.

When she makes the storage bins, she'll say she needs to use up the fabric scraps.

You suggest she makes some more quilts.
She spies some empty areas above her cabinets.

When she thinks about minis, she'll want to go in the studio...

But if you give a quilter a studio.....

She'll want a longarm studio to go with it......
(To be continued)


  1. What a lucky girl you are Heidi! Your studio is a beautiful place where you will create beautiful quilts and think beautiful thoughts. BTW, I love your window treatments and am wondering where the pattern came from. We will be painting the kitchen shortly and the eating area is a turret with 3 large windows and a glass door leading out to the deck. I would really love to make something similar to what you have in your sewing room. It's simple and classy at the same time. Thanks so much for sharing your photos and can't wait to hear all about the longarm and the space it will occupy.

    1. I'm very lucky to have my own space!!
      Here is my pin from Pinterest... take you to the blog. I based them roughly on her tutorial, but I used rings on a rod and my measurements are really different. And I didn't do a machine ruffle, but a more crisp pressed ruffle!

  2. Just love it. Wonder where that mouse is with his cookie? Love the way you did your colors.

  3. it's gorgeous! Can't wait to come sew with you! :)

  4. Hurry, hurry! Come and play!!! :<3

  5. The room came out so cheery!! Love it :)

  6. Have Aaron come to my house and do my room for his sis...

  7. Love your room and I CAN RELATE - I have the "Monster Room" for piecing (our son's old bedroom) and Hubby is now in the process of renovating the adjoining bedroom into the STUDio for "His" Long Arm work! He is excited about the process and so am I. There are plenty of quilt tops to be quilted and finished!


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