Monday, March 23, 2015

Sew Together Bag

 For some time, I saw a ton of traffic online about the Sew Together Bag and I just didn't get the hype.

Until I went to Quiltcon and saw them along with the Bionic Gear Bag in action. 
I loved how neat everyone had their stuff next to their sewing machines, all organized. 
I thought I would give the Sew Together Bag a try.

The pattern is from Sew Demented and can be purchased HERE.

I think I was even more eager to try it over the Bionic Gear Bag because Quilt Barn had a wonderful Sew-a-long to help guide you through the steps.

 I love it. 

It is my EPP dream! The zippered parts can hold all of my papers, paperclips and various notions.  
It's also wonderful for packing up things to sew on the go.

Definitely more are in my plans for the future.

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