Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Spiced Chai Quilts {Quilt Showcase Scrapbook}

Spiced Chai Tea is usually made up of Cinnamon, Cardamom, Cloves, Ginger and Black peppercorns.   What a perfect name for a Autumn quilt pattern, right?

I was intrigued when Katie at  Swim Bike Quilt  was going to do a Spiced Chai Quilt Along using the pattern from her partnered book Vintage Quilt Revival.

I pulled out this bundle I had picked up at a booth at Quiltcon. I had no real plan for it and had thought it would make a good "boy" quilt one day, but the oranges and greens witht he blues made me think of looking up through fall trees at the sky.  This bundle is Succulent by Heather Givens at Crimson Tate

And decided I really wanted to use Essex Linen for the background fabric.

And just like that...once again...I couldn't help myself when I realized there was enough to make a really large one, or make two.

Instead of making exact copies...

I decided to do a mirror image the pattern to shake it up. 

When it came to the quilting, a free motion woodgrain just felt right for the leaf patterns and the linen. 

The one mistake I often make is that I don't buy a coordinated backing and binding from the line I am using. But it always seems to work out for me.
I called Crimson Tate to see if they still had any fabrics from the line and they no longer had any, but were happy to find a coordinating solid teal for me that would work well.

I found some very traditional orange plaid backings to in crease the idea that the quilts were for fall. I can't say I exactly remember from where?

I finished them just in time Thanksgiving for everyone to gather. 

All crinkly now after a couple of washings and dryings....

Quilt Stats:
Measures: 60" x 60"
Pattern: Spiced Chai Quilt by Katie Clark Blakesley from Vintage Quilt Revival Book
Fabrics: Succulents from Crimson Tate
Quilted: Freemotion Organic Woodgrain on HQ Avante Longarm

And all the falls and Thanksgivings in the future!

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