Thursday, January 13, 2011

Butterfly Kisses

Jamie's Quilt. 

 When she was born, we were enthralled with the perfection of her feet.   We could not keep our hands off of them.   We used her quilt for some of her NILMDTS photos.  She looked just precious on that quilt.  A few months later, I told hubby that I was going to embroider her name and her footprints on her quilt.  I was nervous, but he thought it was a good idea. 

 I chose brown to go with the quilt, but now wish I had gone with either a bolder larger font or a different color.  The background is so busy. 
But doesn't matter....I love it.

So this leads to my charity:


I have finally perfected the digitizing and embroidery process.

Any baby loss momma that has a blanket or quilt that they would like to have their baby's name and footprints or handprints on....please contact me.
Yes....the footprints are the EXACT size of her actual footprints that were done at the hospital.  All I need is a scanned copy of your baby's or babies' footprints/handprints and the measurement (length and width) so that I can digitize them for my embroidery machine.
This is all free of charge.  I have already received a bit of funding to get this off the ground!
If you are currently carrying a baby with a very poor or fatal diagnosis and would like your baby's name on their blanket for their birth day, I can also help you out.  I have done a few already....and one of them actually defied his odds!  He is quite the healthy infant.  Boy, were those doctors wrong!

 If you are interested please fill out this FORM HERE or contact me on my FB page!


  1. I love that you added that the doctors were wrong.

  2. you truly are an amazing woman to do this for others

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  8. Good Job Heidi...As you said you were not happy with the color and font.. its not so... color and font is ok i you like it. Its perfect piece of embroidery digitizing. Keep it up.

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  13. Such a touching story! Adding Jamie's name and footprints to her quilt through embroidery digitizing will truly make it a cherished keepsake. It's incredible how embroidery can capture the essence of precious moments. Happy crafting and preserving those memories.


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