Monday, January 17, 2011

Button's first outfit

 Is Button a Girl?   

Not sure!

I finally found two beautiful outfits the other day at the sweet boutique at the hospital/doctor' office.  If you remember, I couldn't find ANYTHING nuetral.

So I bought this off-white sleeper with the tiniest hand embroidery of a bear with beige/brown/green.

Go figure...When I brought it home, I felt like it needed "something".

I decided to make a girl accessory.  A headband with a flower and button accent.  And yes, I used fabric scraps again!
 I don't like the yellow color of the headband that is on it's way to being fixed as you read.  I also might make a wee bit smaller flower....we will see!

Hoping to show you the "boy" accessory I am working on today!  If not....maybe by the end of the week!

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