Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hello 2011!! Hopes...not goals!

The New Year brings resolutions....but I have never liked that.

The New Year brings goals....I have always liked them, but don't like the feeling when I don't meet them.

So I am going to call these, my hopes!

  • Internet hopes:  I hope that I get my website whipped into shape quickly....preferably before the arrival of Baby Button.  I hope that I can use the Internet to connect with more crafter/sewers so I can improve my blog and website. 

  • Grief hopes:  I hope that all the mommas that are lost and confused when faced with a poor or fatal prognosis, find the great group of women I have "met" on my online support group.  I hope they find this blog and see that their lives can "go on"...but with a new meaning. 

  • Sewing:  I am hoping that I haven't bitten off more than I can chew!!!  I hope that I can make customers happy, balance my own family's sewing needs, and still find a bit of time to do some charity work!  I hope that my repertoire really does expand to more than housewares and quilting.  Kid/baby I come! 

  • Baby Button:  I hope he/she arrives safe and sound.  It is all that matters.  After that...I hope that I can rein in my worries and be "normal" mom instead of crazy anxiety ridden mom!  And I hope Button keeps inspiring me to make unique things for others!

  • Embroidery:  I hope I keep learning more about embroidery and my own machine.  Maybe a more commercial machine in the future....but that might have to be a hope for 2012 or 2013!!

  • Quilting:  I hope I finish the pieced quilt top I already have.   I hope I make more!!  I hope to have a quilt for my own home for each season to use/and or display in our family room.  I hope that I get a Quilting longarm machine.  My machine just does not accommodate large quilts as well as I like.  I hope we find room for it!  I also hope that I can try my hand at a t-shirt quilt.  Then I can do so for others.  I also hope that I finish a certain family's memory quilt.  Their dear father's shirts and items are safely tucked in a bin in my closet.  No...I don't hope, I WILL get this done by the end of the year!

  • Crafting:  I hope I remember to take photos all year of the different things I have done this year so I can share them with my blogging/online craft friends!  I hope I get all of the Christmas ideas that I never got to are all done before it arrives again next year!

  • Scrapbooking:  I hope I finish my 2010 Family Album.  That would make 2 whole years complete (out of the 14 we have been married *insert grimace face*).  I hope I can also complete 2009 and stay on track for 2012!  Other albums I'd like to finish?  Christmas album, CTT mama pages, Josh's School Album, Disney Trips Album, update the other two school albums....and attack at least one of the two little guys' baby books.

  • Family: Last on this list...but certainly not least.  I hope that I can meet every (or at least most) needs they have.  I hope that I always remember to put them first, even if I do have a long list of Hopes.  But, I think I already know that because I am calling them hopes...not goals. 

So here's to hoping!!!!!!

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  1. You are an inispiration! I HOPE this is an amazing year for you and your family!


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