Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sprucing up my workplace

Instead of going back to work today, I had to stay home and play nurse to one of the boys. 

However, it did give me some time to work on some projects. 

We needed some items for the clinic I work at.   

The blue BASKET COZIE:   When we have any emergency evacuation, we have to tote all of the students emergency cards.  They are really unwieldy in the basket that we keep them in.  I decided to make what I guess you could call is a Basket Cozie.  The plastic basket slips right inside and has handles so we can sling it on our shoulders!  I used blue denim for the outside and the nursing fabric for the liner.  I embellished it with a cross applique (using scraps from our uniform plaid) and embroidery font with my Baby Lock!

The white BASKET BED:  I also used the extra material to make some little quilted "beds" for our thermometer and otoscope.  Have to protect our expensive investments!  I just quilted a small rectangle and made a liner for the little baskets.

The best part of these projects...they are all from leftover fabric.  The Nurse/Clinic print is from the old window treatment we had up.  I just washed it and am cutting away!

Hoping to finish our clinic emergency bag and window treatment sooner than later. You can see the fabric is already cut out on my work island.    I even have an idea for wall art that is made of fabric, but I think I will frame it with glass to keep the germs from collecting on it.

But for now, this tired momma/nurse need to get some zzzz's to take care of all the little patients that might arrive in our clinic the first day back!

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