Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tie-Dyed Sharpie Project

"Happiness is a habit-cultivate it."
Elbert Hubbard

This past summer, JJ bought a tie-dye shirt from Target.  When I washed it the first time?  It turned pink.  Thankfully, he enjoys the color pink.

After that, he "knew" that I knew how to make tie-dyed shirts. 

 He has been nagging me about it since June. 

My confession? 

 I didn't want to do it.  I knew it was a messy process, and I don't like projects that require a shower when I am done!

Then, I found this tutorial from a favorite craft blog I follow called Crap I've Made.  She is my new hero.  This project could not be any easier.  And bonus points for being CLEANER!

So I want to share the project with you. I took a few photos so you could truly see that the boys were able to do this on their own!




Rubbing Alcohol
Squeeze Bottle
Plastic Cups

Choose a spot on your t-shirt. Stretch it over the plastic cup and secure with a rubberband.

It was really interesting to watch the boys choose placement. 

They are very methodical about where they were going to put their "circles".

The boys put 6 dots of one color in a circle.

Then they put another 6 dots in another color in between the first set of dots.

They did learn that the bigger the dots, the more color/spread they got.

They also did 12 dots of one color and liked the results.

And, of course, they did some with three colors.  LOTS of fun!!

Then just drip the alcohol on top of the dots.  The original tutorial instructed that after 15 drops the circle did not get any bigger.

  She was right!!!

The boys experimented and found that if they dripped on a color a bit more heavily than another, the color would be deeper.  

Cool, hunh?!?!

And here is proof that they can did do it themselves!

And proof that hubby actually ventures into my studio on occasion to help out.  He is helping Jacob get the sleeve over the cup in this was a little tight.

Don't they look serious?

FYI...JJ occasionally needed help from me keeping the shirt taut while he put the rubberband on. you think he is happy?

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