Monday, May 21, 2012

Buttons Galore

We all know I love Buttons...right?

Awhile back, I think I posted that I was distracted one day sorting out all of my button colors into leftover baby food jars.  

What do with all of them was my next question! 
 After cluttering up a basket on top of my island in the studio, I knew they had to find a home.  I decided that I wanted to put them on a magnetic board like you see for kitchen spices.  However, I did not have a lot of wall space for that.

I looked around my room and found that there was opportune storage UNDER the cabinets. 

Don't it yourself!!

I came home with these

One coat of Kilz primer and two coats of enamel to cover the caps from ugly Gerber to White. 

I came home with two options for underneath the cabinet.

I learned too late...that aluminum is NOT magnetic.
  This goes into my "return" pile.

 Luckily, I had this!
 It took A LOT of stirring and a lot of coats to get my magnet so stick.

But not strong enough for the cap, magnet and jar.  
Do not get me works!!! So I don't think the purchase was a waste.  I will keep it in my back pocket for another day.

But no worries, Mr. Boss saved the day yesterday and ran back to get me some real metal flashing.  He took the magnets and a cap with him to make sure it worked.

I am prepared for him to kill me for posting this picture, but he is so awesome for helping me!!!

He cut it down to size, drilled holes for some finishing nails...and then after a bit of neck straining, tiny nail dropping, he was able to secure it!  He now wishes he had used adhesive on the back to keep it in place AND prevent the slight buckling we are experiencing today.   

I had to go back and cover up all the black oopsie marks with a few coats of White Kilz Primer.

While all that was drying, I grabbed my paper tape.

I think it is called Washi tape, but I feel guilty about it because I found mine at Target.  When you buy stuff like this in the office supply area of Target, it sorta loses it's glamour, no?

It is pretty cool stuff.  Like transparent waxy tape with design!

I wrapped them around each jar. 
 Sometimes matching the color, sometimes just complementing.

I simply just put the magnet right inside the cap.  I ended up using TWO magnets stacked on top of each other.  

If you are wondering what magnets these are, I have a photo of them in this post HERE when I used them for the stuffed animal magnets for the boys.

After the paint dried, I just twisted my caps on and stuck them up there!  Of course...rainbow style.  I have an affinity for organizing in rainbows.....HERE and HERE, in case you hadn't noticed!

And just because I just can't get enough of the yumminess...


  1. I have recently developed an obsession with organizing my buttons.
    I don't know how... but I have to incorporate this idea into my craft room sometime. I love it!!

  2. I feel too much envy floating around me!!!!! heeheee....
    Great idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If we don´t hear from you in a couple of days...your husband will be in trouble. We´ll call the CSI guys to go investigate.

  3. Love it, Heidi! So clever and cute! And I have to share with you that this reminds me of something my grandfather made that I've never seen anywhere else! It was a way to organize hardware in babyfood jars on a spinning rack. He nailed the lids into the rack - so you unscrew to take a jar off. Great minds think alike! ;) And my clothes are all organized in rainbow order!! :)

    1. That is what I remember my dad doing too...nailing them to something, but spinning...GENIUS! I think you have given me another idea ;)!

    2. And I actually like that you didn't nail but magnetize -- then you keep your tops on the jar! My grandfather's contraption is not pretty, just utilitarian! Now I will be waiting to see the spinning idea... ;)

  4. LOVE this! Thanks for the great organizational idea!

  5. Totally awesome!!! I may have to find some space for this!

  6. I love your magnetic under-cabinet idea. And of course the rainbow buttons. I always see things hung magnetically (knives, spices etc), and think, wow my walls are already full! but under the counter is a great idea.

  7. that amount of buttons! the photo of her husband is great!

  8. Very clever! A fun decorative way to store your buttons.

  9. I love the color organization, makes me smile. :) The magnet idea is so much better than screwing & unscrewing them up. I would probably drop one on my head several times. Washi tape, no matter where it comes from is fun & shiny. :) How nice of your hubby to help you get the job done.

  10. Ohh thank you for sharing!! I need to do thisk in my craft room and in my kitchen for spices.:)

  11. Simply irresistible !


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