Monday, May 7, 2012

Sharpie Roll

My somewhat of a tutorial...

 I had a few requests for a tutorial on the sharpie roll and I have to be completely honest.

I feel like a fraud.
The rainbow strips were NOT my idea!
 I was inspired by the book:

Purchase here at

I don't want to reveal too much of her instructions, but her roll was for colored pencils (and VERY beautiful) and mine had to accommodate the thick sharpies and was made by Bunny and I.  I wouldn't say we are necessarily good at beautiful together!

However, he still gets HUGE kudos for choosing fabrics to match from my scrap bins and fat quarter stash!

  Not to mention helping me piece it!
With that said, I am going to just share the changes I made to fit my needs.

The colored strips had to be shorter and wider.  

I started with the length above from the book, but they were obviously too long, right? 

I settled on cutting each colored strip measuring 7.5 inches by 2 inches. To make 1.5 inch strips when pieced with 1/4 inch seams.

And my pocket and pocket liner were 4 in x 36 in. 
 NOTE:  Your length will vary depending on how many markers you have.  I had to decide on this measurement AFTER I had pieced all of my colored strips together.

On the second one I made for myself, I just folded a 8in x 36 in pieced of fabric, but still did a nice top-stitch at the top edge.

I used cotton instead of canvas on the second one for the pocket, and I have to be honest that I am not happy with it.  The canvas/bottom-weight scrap we used on Bunny's is much stiffer and doesn't make this funny shape.

It also could be due to the fact that I am HORRIBLE about following bias directions when I am just trying to get a project done.  Anyone else?
When it is time to layer it all together, the book recommends flannel as a batting.  I used it and can honestly say that it is awesome and will use it for lighter projects in the future.

As for the ties...Bunny's was included in the sandwich so that both ties are on one end, however, I thought I'd give it just one little twist for myself.

Okay, confession...
I actually forgot it!! 
 But I never panic, just go with the flow.  I am actually happy about the new placement.  A quick hand sewn job off center about 2 inches (if you do it in the center it won't wrap right)

One last tweak? 
 When it recommended to just go up and down each seam for the "quilting" part? I did that.  But I also top-stitched the entire perimeter of the roll.

If you are looking for a book with great gift ideas...I HIGHLY recommend it!  The projects are categorized by the length of time each project takes.    Isn't that the hardest thing for most quilters/crafters to figure out when we are doing last minute gifts?


  1. Perfect. You said just enough to let people understand without infringing any copyright law. You are free to go! (That is what judges say, right???) LOL.

  2. It looks awesome! What a cute little helper you have. ;) He did a great job matching the colors!

  3. Its great, I realy love it. I made some, but never so beautifull... this one is realy first class !


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