Monday, May 28, 2012

Two digits

means I can truly no longer look at my "baby" boy as a little guy anymore!

He is 10!

He is a BIG brother now...and I don't think he could be happier...

Nor Button.  He thinks that his big brother is pretty great!


He was the "BABY" for so long, however, it is a hard habit for this momma to break.  So forgive me if I slip every so often!
We had some friends over last night and I mentioned that I couldn't believe his 10th birthday was today.  When we moved here to Houston, he was the age Button is now.

He used to just walk right over to our friend's house (who happened to be our next door neighbor) and knock on her door....waiting to join the older kids.  

What is scary is that I was used to his independence.

He was tiny like this little guy at 15 months and he could climb a countertops like no one's business at this age.

How do I remember that?  Because we had to rush him to the ER because he climbed the dining room table to get to his brother's homework.  I was so used to his ability, that I told him to "get down right now"....not knowing he had a pencil in his hand.

Luckily...he only scraped the whole inner side of his eyelid. Phew!

He used to scare me.
What is more fascinating to me? 
Button seems to have the same propensity to be a "do it myself" little guy.

My two little independent guys.

Ahhhh.....but my baby hasn't really changed much...still that little baby boy, trying to make me smile, but now he has a whole new adoring audience. 

I am actually jealous that I have to share his attention now.


  1. Happy Birthday Big Brother!

    (and so scary Heidi!)

  2. Happy Birthday "young man"!!!!!!! I hope you have an extra special day!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Young Man, hope you have an amazing day.

    Heidi, I know exactly how you feel. Miss Keegan is 10 next Tuesday.. yikes where did that time go and to top it off I am filling out Kinder enrollment forms for Miss Lily for next year ... aghrrr reality check, that means she will be at school the year after! I need a coffee! lol

  4. I have just voted for Williams Quilt, well done on getting so far, hugs

  5. Happy Birthday! It is crazy (in a good way) how we can get so emotional on a birthday:)


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