Sunday, May 13, 2012

Every Day Is Mother's Day

This is the phrase Mr. Boss uses. 


This covers him if it goes well or goes poorly on this day!

Because every year, just like this one, there is:

Laundry to do.

Dishes to do.

Homework to do.  Especially if you had a sick boy home this past week.

Projects piling up in the studio with deadlines. 

It is a tough holiday.

Who do you celebrate?  Your mother?  You?  
  I expounded last year HERE.

 15 years later...Mr. Boss has it figured out....sorta.

 This day is tough for a lot of women.  Some are missing their own mothers, taken too soon.  Many are missing children, taken too soon.  Many are desperate to be mothers and this day a dagger to the heart.

And some, like my dear sister, may have her babies surrounding her today, but she is missing the most important part of her family, her husband, as he defends our country from afar.  
 Mother's day, for her, I imagine, is pretty lonesome too...
For me, it is the simple fact that as a mother, I am missing one of my own children.

But that's okay! She is everywhere today.  

She even gave me her flowers (my signature flowers are daisies....the roses are "hers").

Yup.  Mr. Boss has THAT figured out!!!!

But trust me...I can't complain too much.  I have some Shari's Berries in the fridge again!!! And I did sleep in today.  The boys are being passably helpful.  Mr. Boss is working on staining the playground (since it has been sorely neglected for the past few years) and filling the sandbox.

 And I figure if I start working on my Retro Flower quilt today, Mr. Boss won't complain. 

 Because it IS Mother's Day, right?


  1. The butterfly is beautiful! Mr. Boss can call mine and put the Shari's Berries bug in his ear ;)

    1. Just leave the Shari's Berries blog post open next time he is about to get on the computer ;)!!!!

  2. that beautiful words! I hope you had a beautiful Mother's Day. Andrea affection

  3. Happy Mother's Day friend!
    and so true...
    and so sad about Jamie, but her flowers are beautiful. ♥
    I took my babies to see my husband's mother... and got to do a little shopping without children, so it definitely felt like a celebration, despite lots of driving. :)

    1. Oh Tracey! Thank you!!! I hope you had a wonderful day!!!!!!


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