Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Signs of Joy?

The other day I was wondering what I would name a little girl if we were blessed to concieve again and also have a girl.  All I could think of was what a joy it would be to be able to have a girl.  Joy....  Joy....  I wondered if this would fit the criteria:
1. Starts with a J 
2.  Means something
3. A biblical name.

I frowned...No not biblical.  

 Then I went to church the next day with the family.  The neighbors front yard had a huge sign with JOY.  At the advent mass, Fr. Reggie said the word Joy at least 20 times.  For the past week, I will hear the word Joy at least 2 times a day, sometimes more.  Yes, it is the Christmas season, but I have never heard it this much and I am not looking for it.  It usually catches me out of nowhere and reminds me.

Then today, I was listening to the Catholic Channel on my satellite radio.  The priests homily was speaking of St. Paul and a writing he did about finding Joy in everyday. Not happiness, but joy.  Joy does not mean happy.  Joy means thanks

So the criteria: 
 1. It does start with a J like all of my children. 
2. It means Thanks.  If I had another child, never would I be more thankful. 
3.  It isn't a biblical name, but isn't it written all over many books in the bible?

I think it was a sign from Jamie.  Is Joy coming to us next year sweet angel???  But what if it is a boy....I guess I might just call him Joy, too.  Okay, maybe not. 

But I sure would be filled with JOY!!!!!


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  2. It is a very cute baby. I like kids love Royal Hill


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