Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bean Boy

My darling boy, Jelly Bean, has a birthday today.  It is hard to believe that 11 years ago he entered into this world with quite an audience (the whole L&D floor) and still steals the show in our house.  He is funny and full of life.  He is a worrier like his father. He is ever Mr. Host to all his neighborhood friends.  He has the craziest laugh you have ever heard.  The kind that makes eveyone around him laugh.  Even the slightest giggle can get a whole room laughing hysterically.  I confess...he has made my pants a wee bit wet from laughing too hard.

I am ever amazed by him.  He had to face a very adult decision this year, and handled it with ease.  He was diagnosed with Dyslexia in 3rd grade, and his struggles over the years finally caught up with him.  He was not failing 4th grade, but we were concerned with his ability to handle the middle school.  Class clown was not what we wanted for his future.  He looked us in the eye, calmly and collectively and told us, "I need a breathe".  So we agreed to let him catch it. 

Since the school year started, we have seen an amazing amount of confidence exude from him.  He has shown us such maturity.  Never have we seen such eagerness to be an organized student!  He turns in projects early.  He takes ownership of good and bad grades.  He has made wonderful friends very easily.  Last year, he was terrified to run for Student council representative and avoided being a member of the safety patrol.  This year, he checks the schedule and often "subs" for the other safety patrol members.  He ran for Student Council.  His campaign....Vote for Jacob...He's Da Man!

And you know what?  He is DA MAN!!!!!!!

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