Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Great Candy Exchange

The Great Candy Exchange, you ask?  What is it?  It is what my husband and I dubbed Halloween quite a few years back.

We were following our very eager tykes (at the time) around our neighborhood in their Star Wars costumes.  They were racing from house to house to "trick or treat" our neighbors.   We thought a much better name for it was the Great Candy Exchange.  We buy bags of candy that is given away and we return with bags of candy from others!   

The other reason we have redubbed the holiday is because, for the life of us, we don't understand what has happened to our children.  What has happened, you ask?  Apathy.  Our boys hit a few houses and then want to just go home in play.  We cannot fathom why they don't have the "stick-to-itiveness" that children used to have.

My husband and I recall the days when children left their homes for ours and didn't stop until curfew.  There was a race to hit as many houses in one night and see how many pillowcases you could fill.  Am I dating myself with the pillowcase reference? 

I don't have complete personal experience with Trick or Treating as a child.  My mom did not believe in the day.  We did carve a pumpkin and my mom would concoct a horrible costume (sorry Mom, for the confession time).  I would either be a hobo or a ghost.  We were the house with the light off on Halloween night.  My mom did not want us out asking for candy...or in her own words....begging for food.

But I sure do remember going to my friend's house the next day and seeing them dump their piles of candy. Of course, because they had so much, they were always very generous in sharing their booty.

Now, my middle son says before we head out.  "Mom, I hate trick or treating.  I don't like to go to other people's house and ask for candy.  Why can't we just eat the candy we have".  He is so right.  Why do we spend all this time shopping or making costumes and decorating just for ONE night?  Why do we encourage our children to go up to strangers house.  And better yet, accept food from strangers.  What a paradox!

My husband's answer....because it is just fun!

So I guess you have it.  We head out the door with our bags in hand, our bucket out at the front door, and camera hanging from my shoulder.  We are off to participate in the Great Candy Exchange to see if we come back with more candy than we started off in our bucket at home!

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