Saturday, February 12, 2011

Brand New Heart

"Only God can take the pieces of a Life that's come apart and patch it all together to make a brand new Heart."
Quote and design from: Love and Friendship Quilted Pillows

I really wanted to do at least one project for a new sew-a-long blog challenge.  It involves my favorite group of ladies "Crafty Sewing Mamas"  Do you just love that name?!?!?  Anyway, today is the second week of the blog challenge.  I missed out on the first week because I have had my hands full.  And honestly, don't think I will be able to participate every week.  I am hoping that I can at least make a dent in the list this year!

This week's project:  A pair of pjs or something for Valentine's.  I decided that I wanted to do something that not only was Valentine's, but also related to our blog love-fest "What Love Really Means".  I hunted through my MANY books and found this foundation pieced pillow design.  I instantly knew that it would be perfect.  I needed a pillow cover for the Valentine's holidays for my studio, wanted to do a bit of piecing and quilting (it has been a while) and I thought the quote was so fitting for our goal this month!

I just LOVE when a saying or a quote fits my mood and I can use it as inspiration for my projects! 

My life was in pieces...and God has patched it together.  I think He is doing a pretty good job!

I have never attempted foundation piecing, so this was quite a joy to do! 

 Keep your eyes open for a tutorial (shooting for tomorrow)!!!


And as always........totally made with scrap fabrics I had.  The background fabric is an single loney napkin I had hanging out in my stash.  You know that always makes me happy to use up items from my hoarded supplies!!!!


  1. I love this!! Wonderful idea!! So beautiful and so true!

  2. I love this! I think it's time I got out my sewing machine as well!!!

  3. Perfect quote!! Sending warm thoughts your way for this next week!

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