Sunday, February 27, 2011

Button's Bedding

Feeling like a fraud.  I actually BOUGHT baby button's crib bedding at Baby's R Us on Friday.  I had really wanted to make something, but the reality is that I have to do our oldest's room and his room in the next few weeks. 

Have I mentioned that I really am tired of Home Dec project? 
So why is it that I am ALWAYS doing one!!

The guest room was cleared yesterday, thanks to the help of my dad and dear hubby.  I really hope that Dad's back hurting this morning is not related!  Josh's new bed, dresser, and desk will hopefully arrive this week (note to Heidi:  add call furniture store to my "to do" list).  He is first in line for the makeover since his baby brother will be hanging out in mommy's room for a little while longer.

Here is his duvet cover I bought from PB Teen on sale two weeks ago!

  I have to buy a duvet comforter and start finding some coordinating fabric PRONTO!!!!! 

 Window treatments, throw pillows, and a slipcover for a rocker chair are in my VERY near future.  Wish me luck!!!

Did I mention that I am just recovering from a c-section?

  I think I should remind myself, too!!!


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