Sunday, March 27, 2011

Quite a handful

Sweet baby James has become quite a handful, to say the least.

  We are in the midst of changing formulas, which HAS helped his fussiness.  We also are trying to keep him busy.  We have never experienced one of our babies being UP all of the time!  He does not like to nap!  He has us a bit stumped!!

By the way, did you notice how AWESOME my new camera lens is?  You can even see the toe lint!  Ha! Ha!  My small "kit" lens that came with my Canon DSLR finally puked out on me (not too bad for almost 7 years!) and we bought my new "baby" right before Button's arrival.  I knew I wanted to take some awesome shots of him in my creations!

With that, there is very little time to be a mom, housekeeper, and bus driver because of Button's determination to be in my arms at all times. 

My sewing machines?  Sitting quietly, patiently waiting.

I just finished some framing projects thanks to daddy doing some baby entertaining this afternoon.  I might post the projects later. Or maybe not.  My computer time has been vastly diminished.

I do want to shout out to my Butterfly Kisses mommas that are waiting for me...One is in editing/digitizing phase as we speak.  I haven't forgotten you!

In the meantime.  Check out these other photos with my new lens!


Little BIG Brother with Little Brother




  1. That is a bunch of handsome boys Heidi, Girls watch out!! So happy for you! My Declan was like James in the sleep dept until he turned 3 mos, then it was like a switch had been flipped. He started napping (while I wasn't holding him) and let me put him down. I was relieved since I had to go back to work and was pretty sure the day care ladies wouldn't hold him all day. Best of Luck to you Heidi! I have been following your blog, and it has been a real blessing to me. Thanks :)

  2. Oh my goodness Heidi! Your boys are such a dream! If your trying to conceive worked this well, I know there's hope for me too! :)


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