Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Eggs

Do you just love? 

I do!!! 

I found this basket on sale at Hobby Lobby last week (love those right before the holiday sale because they need to make way for Memorial Day/Fourth of July decor!!!)

The egg tutorial is one I had saved and printed TWO years ago.  I didn't even know I was getting it from a blog.  Now I have my very own!?!  Weird, hunh?  The blog is Retro Mama.

 She used awesome fabric.  I, of course, wanted to use up my scraps!  I decided to do two tones for each egg...can you see them?

The plaid one is my Rogue egg.  If you know quilting, there are a lot of ladies that always have a rogue square.  Thought it was fitting!

Yes, crazy that I am working on Easter stuff still...but technically, it is still the Easter season in the church for 49 more days!

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