Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ole Betsy

That is the name Mr. Boss came up with for my New Girl.


The scary thing about it? 
My oldest is home sick today and I asked him in passing if he had a name for the machine.
His first response.

Old Betsy.

Something tells me that they are in cahoots.  Butter swears that he did not know his dad had said the same name.

I am not amused.....This name goes to the BOTTOM of the list. 


The nicest lady named Sharon came with her daughter to put my new girl up on her frame.  She said when I spoke with her Friday, that she allows 5 hours to set it up.  

Luckily, there was a lot of room for her to work with in the garage.


Unfortunately, or fortunately?  
I live in the Houston area....which in November...can still be warm.
  How does 79 degrees sound to you, right about now?
I had to open the garage doors and run a fan.  
They were much more comfortable after that!!

And it was completely set up by 12:35 pm.
Just in time for lunch!
It fits quite well.  

She even was kind enough to make sure the fridge could be open.

And there is plenty of room for me to stand behind.

I think Mr. Boss will disagree. 

I am actually posting this earlier than planned because he is waiting to see the final results and is on pins and needles at THIS very moment.

Luckily, Sharon mentioned that I can get casters from Handi Quilter to add.  I think that will make him much happier if it can be pushed all the way against the wall out of the way.   There is plenty of room in that space for me to pull it out at an angle if I wanted to!  

There is much to be desired about the atmosphere, but that will come in time, right?

Sharon handed me the "Getting Started" DVD on the way out.

No worries, though!  They don't leave you hanging high and dry.  She will be back Thursday morning to give me a three-hour instructional class.

How cool is that?!?!?   

But, still not as cool as Mr. Boss buying....

*cough*  Ole Betsy......


  1. Adopt me? Please?
    My first car was named Betsey. I think it's a fine name. :)

  2. I am impressed with the service you are getting - quick delivery, and now assembly. And a lesson coming up! It's great.

  3. She's so lovely! How super super exciting! I hope you are sewing soon! And don't worry about the lack of atmosphere- in no time you'll have lots of new quilted items to hang on the walls! If you haven't thought of it yet, you might snag some of those rubber mats they have for people who stand all day (like at the supermarket). It makes hours of standing in front of the machine on concrete easier on the feet/knees/hips/back.

  4. I loooooooveeeee it!!!!!!!!!! I started reading the post and had to leave and couldn´t wait to get back and see the rest!!!! It is huge!!!!! I wish I could be a fly on thursday at the time your are getting the instructions! Take some pictures for us to see, please!!!!
    Have a lot of fun!!!!!!

  5. Exciting! You are almost ready to get started. It is nice that they are coming back to provide training.

  6. spectacular machine! I congratulate you and I love the name.

  7. The first name I think of for sewing machines is always Betsy. Meant to be?

  8. How about instead of Betsy just change the t and the s and make it Besty like one one of your best friends.

  9. I tried the Avante' at MQS last year. I really liked it, but we already had gotten a Liberty from APQS. I highly recommend going to Machine Quilters Showcase, at least once. So many classes and so much info available. On the internet a really good source of info, videos, and general help is available at Machine Quilters Resource. (http://mqresource.com/forum/index.php?app=ccs) It does cost to join but it isn't expensive. There are lots of free things there too. Another place to go is the APQS forum (http://www.apqs.com/quiltboard/) it is free and all machine owners are welcome. Lots of help there! Funny, I name my cars, but not my sewing machines. So happy for you, you will love being able to create some great quilts. I am a Vet too. 10+ in MI in the Army, DH is now retired with 25+, and DDad put in 20+. He was Navy/Marine in WWII, but became a "ground pounder" later. If I can help in any way don't hesitate to contact me, no blog so I am Sara@ ohsirius7@hotmail.com

  10. I swear... I'm teary just thinking about maybe getting something like this! Amazing!


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