Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fall is not over yet!


Baby C puffy quilt is almost done!!

I can't believe I managed it this week with all of our sickness!! 

I not only filled all the biscuits....I pieced them together. 
Border, backing and I come!

Hawaiian quilt

I finished hand quilting the appliqué!!! 

Now, I can put my efforts onto echo quilting the off white background. Progress!! I thought I'd never get this close to a finish! It is so sad that it is only 21in by 21 in. Quite embarrassing, actually.

Secret project

I will let you drool over the yumminess that arrived on my doorstep from Moda.

Bella solids in warm pastels (Jelly Roll and Layer Cake)

1862 Battle Hymn by Barbara Brackman (2 Charm Packs)

Rouenneiries Dues by French General (jelly roll and yardage)

I can't wait to share the project and the tutorial!
 Did I mention they arrived on my birthday? Happy birthday to me!! Happy birthday to me!

Dots and Checks

I hope to get this top on my longarm today or tomorrow.

  I finished the top LAST fall and am embarrassed to say that she pops up in WIP Wednesday every once in awhile.  I guess my own personal torture...or reminder?
I WILL have a "fall" quilt for Turkey day.

I will not start decorating for Christmas until Friday at the very least. It is my personal snub to da man. 
I refuse to celebrate nor decorate before other holidays get a chance to shine. 

I even hung my garland of leaves, wreathes, and other paraphenalia just last weekend.

  A sign to show my neighbors that had their Christmas lights up before Halloween that I march to my own tune.

Mr. Boss would just say that I am stubborn and it is just another private Heidi boycott. I am known for my one woman boycotts in these parts......

Christmas Musical Costumes

Nada. Zip. Zilch. 

I have to get it all done. They are next on the docket because they are taking up too much room in my closet.
 Oh, and they are due to be completed by Monday? Yikes!

To see what everyone else is doing....go visit Lee!!  Just click on the image below!

And here's to a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving to everyone tomorrow. 


  1. I still love those puffy quilts. Mostly though I'm in awe of your Hawaiian appliqué. I did one earlier this year and got so frustrated by the hand quilting I gave up and did it by machine. Yours is lovely!

  2. I hope you and your family are feeling better. You did get a lot done! How great is it to have a quilt top just waiting around to be used on your new longarm! I love the Hawaiian quilts too.

  3. I love your puffy quilts amd glade to see that you are feeling a ittle better and you have go much sewing done. Looking forward to seeing your finishes and I am yelling encouragement for you to get that fall quilt over the line and out of that WIP pile :o)

  4. You do a waaaay better job with photography than you think you do, my dear! And I see you figured out your follow me tabs (I am so sorry! bad bad me - I just can't seem to nail my husband down long enough to help me figure out how I did it again!) but I LOVE yours. And I love you. And I love your blog. Sorry I've been away for so long. One of these days you are going to motivate me to give quilting a try again. Maybe tomorrow.:) Or next year. Or maybe 2020. grin*

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