Monday, February 6, 2012

Rice..who knew?

This was NOT the post I intended to write today, but I just can't contain my excitement.

Rice.  Did you know that not only is it for FOOD and hot pack fillings, but it is also a LIFESAVER?

Yes.  I said a lifesaver.

The Issuation...
(remember this Beanism? Issues+Situation=Issuation. Love it!)
My darling baby Button, whom I love dearly, loves NEEDS to play in water at all times.  He has even traded the word la-la for the word wa-wa in his vocabulary.  He adores the bathtub, the toilet, and, frankly, any object that will contain water.

Even the dog bowl.

 I am pretty sure every single one of my boys was fascinated with the dog bowls at one point in time.  For my own sanity, we aren't even going to discuss the cleanliness factor, okay?

So let us just say....Button likes to put things IN the dog bowl if the dog gate is left open for him to have access.  Usually, I am right behind him and catch him before or as he sticks his hand in the water to splash it.  Or he sneaks around the corner as I load the washer and dryer and puts the dogs' toys in there.  Because every dog bowl needs a squeaky toy, right?   Isn't that what I have taught him about his squeaky rubber duckies in the tub?

Too bad, the object in question Saturday that went for a swim was none other than one of our nano iPods. 

source: via google images
It is specifically one that used to be the boys before they upgraded to those iTouch thingamajigs.  We use it in our Bose portable speaker for the poolside.  


All of our pool music is on it. And, yes, it isn't new or cool...but we spent money on it.  When I spend money on things, I like to keep them as long as possible.


My first reaction was to grab the nano, grab the kid and run.  I then locked the gate, and ditched the kid to get a towel from the laundry room.  I blotted it at the same time as I told Button that "Shhh, buddy, we have to hurry up before daddy sees this!" Yes, I am teaching him survival tactics, people! We were in the trenches!

It appeared to be visibly dry, but I learned my lesson after a phone incident (that may or may not have occurred during a pedicure?  It might have involved the bath that you stick your feet in).  
Lesson:  Don't trust that the water did not get inside. 

What to do?



About a month ago, my sister-in-law lamented on Facebook that her phone fell into an object filled with water (I will not divulge the EXACT object that might be made of porcelain for her privacy..but in my defense, she DID post in on Facebook!  Mr. Boss asserts that if you post it on FB, you may as well have put it on the front page of the NY Times.)

I digress.  When she posted her dilemma, a few friends of hers recommended sealing her phone in a bag of rice for 24 hours.

For some reason, I remembered this tidbit since I tucked it into the "maybe, somewhat useful information" file drawer in my brain.

I happened to have an already opened bag of rice from a hot pack project I made HERE over a year ago.

I figured...won't hurt, right?

I dropped it in the bag, made sure the rice was covering it completely up, wound the tie-on tight, and put it aside.

Guess what?  

I opened it up this morning, 24 hours later.

Still working strong!!!!

I will have to update you if it dies, but so far, it hasn't died all day!

BTW...on my hunt for a picture of an iPod in water, I came across this website called Repair Labs.  Apparently they will try to repair your iPod for $29.90.  

I am kind of glad the rice worked....for now.....

The point of this whole story is...RICE is awesome. 
Who knew?


  1. Oh how cool! I have to file this away for future issuations, too. :D

  2. Wow Helpful tip! I love that your teaching the little one "survival tatics" I almost fell off my chair laughting!

  3. I would never have thought about using rice. Mr. Boss is right - nothing is private on facebook. I often wonder if people realize that. LOL


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