Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WIP: February? Already?

I was supposed to have at least an idea of a Valentine's quilt and throw pillows by now......

For me, January is usually my quiet month.  A time to reorganize.  A time to take a deep breath after the holidays. The first day of February always marks the sprint to June for me.  I feel like I am on a non-stop train until summer break.

The fact that January just flew by worries me!


All of my quilts that I had in the WIP last week are on hold this past week.  Sick kids, busy schedules, no school, half days, doctor appts, dental name has happened!

The only thing that really has happened in the studio is that my Christmas quilt top portions are on the floor thanks to Button.

And, of course, the death knell...I had an "idea" happened.
I decided to cut up this daybed coverlet I used to have on a daybed that is now gone.  I have always liked the texture of it.
I thought that I would cut them into squares

And piece them into a pattern like this for a quilt on Button's twin bed.

 But the more and more I look at the fabric, I realize that his accents are white not what do I do with them?


I have a few Butterfly Kisses blankets in the works right now that I am really struggling with in the editing/design stage.
I could really use some de-cluttering of my mind. 
A little angel dust to make it all better?

I did spend the weekend going through closets.  Two bags to donation.  Five tubs of hand me downs on the shelves waiting for the 9 year old to wear.  One bag of trash from the teenager.  I have to give him a break though, it included his desk, dresser, and bookshelves....but, man, what a little hoarder he is!

The pantry and kitchen cabinets...sadly...did not get any love.

What a disaster!  Hoping I find time this week...

I think, though, that I am just struggling to focus because of the most recent update on Baby William.  Things are looking grim.  He was officially diagnosed with a fatal condition.  Please keep him and his darling mom in your prayers.  She emailed me a beautiful thank you last week when she received his QUILT.  Apparently, she was too ill to be allowed in the NICU you to see him, and the quilt brightened her day a wee bit.

Linking up with Lee.  I am so behind on my google reader that I will take "sitting in the car" time to read everyone else's WIPs.  I need the motivation.

 Have a great day!!!


  1. Your week sounds a lot like mine, with the sick kids and appointments, etc. It's no fun! I would hang onto that basket of cream squares - I bet you'll find the perfect use for them eventually! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

  2. I agree that January flew by. February is my busy month I am not sure I am ready for it yet. My heart goes out to baby William and his family.

  3. Those cream squares are really neat. You'll figure something terrific for them. :D

  4. You are too kind!! I just hope so, though!!

  5. I think those squares would make a really nice textural version of the quilt you designed. I'd just go ahead with them!


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