Monday, July 16, 2012

Blowfish Pincushion

 I wish I could say that I came up with this sweet girl, but I can't!!

 About a month ago, Bree at Distant Pickles posted a picture of her completed fish on Facebook. 

Image via Distant Pickles

 I immediately went goo-goo, ga-ga over it.  I think I even squealed when I saw hers.

And, first off, I am bound by duty to tell you that Bree is one of TWO contributors to Distant Pickles.  Their story of how they blog from afar HERE is too cool!  I love Bree, she is superwoman with amazing creativity and quilts like a mad woman.  Julie, on the other hand, is just as crazy with her skills, but her humor constantly gets me.  Seriously, the email banter that we have is out of control some days!

Okay...back to the point of the post!  Bree asked me if I would test the pattern for her. 

 I knew EXACTLY who I wanted to make this pincushion for!  My friend who not only bakes (and blogs at Baby Got Cake), but is really getting going on her sewing talent. I love to see her grow each day.  And I was waiting for a perfect thank you for sending me this shirt.

Why the shirt? I use DUDE at least once a day, but more like 10 times a day.  With four boys, it is a quick way to tell them most ANYTHING.    "Dude, can you please remember to take your shoes off before you come in the house before your dad yells?"  "Dude (random driver on the road), where did you learn to drive?"  "Dude, seriously, how many times do I have to tell you to brush your teeth in one day?"  "Dude, mommy is tired. I am really not in the mood for games" 

And probably the most used phrase "Duuuuuude, you have a stinky diaper!!!!!".

I digress......

Bree has her tutorial here for Riley Blake.  Go check it out!
Here is my girl in Riley Blake's Alphabet Soup Girl by is in all her glory. 
psst...confession time...I couldn't believe that I actually had a Riley Blake in my stash!

In case you are wondering...the bow was added because, in good ole Heidi-fashion, I was sewing late into the night and did NOT follow her VERY clear directions and did not do the panels in the correct order.  Also, I highly recommend you use batting like Bree did.  I filled mine entirely with crushed walnut shells, which are actually great for pins, but they made the entire pincushion VERY heavy and it all settled and made her fat more than round.

But, aside MY missteps, I think she turned out great!  
And my friend was pretty surprised and happy too!


  1. This totally made me giggle, especially the Dude part. That's a good idea, calling them all dude! It gets hard to remember their names when you have so many, right!? lol I adore the bow on your fishy, what a happy accident! I still have to make one, my stinking printer ran out of ink because of all the printing I had to do to make sure the templates were right for that pattern. I want to add one to my new decorative pincushion collection!

    1. I now expect you to use DUDE now in your repoirtoire with the kids, okay? I love it. I actually cut out two different, you know. I might have one for myself too!!!! :)

  2. I love you fish with a bow. I need to make some of these, I have a swap I'm doing and what a great thing to add as an extra.

  3. Surprised, happy and in love with her! Muah!

  4. Love the fish! I think I need to make one for next month's swap at our local guild. And dude is used quite a bit around here. It was all fun and games until my hubby started calling ME dude!


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