Wednesday, July 18, 2012

WIP: Back on Track

Since we have been gone for two WIP Wednesday, I am pretending like I never missed them.  I have to admit, I had a bit of anxiety that I didn't post the past two weeks.  Crazy, I know!
I think it was the fact that I had so many finishes after the last WIP Wednesday.  I was a sewing fiend for a few days trying to get orders, gifts, and bee blocks out.  Unfortunately, I may have completed some, but not ALL made it out to the post office.  It was impossible to get them all out and pack for six of us at the same time!

June Bee Block:  Improv Chevrons for 
do. Good Stitches.

I posted about the process yesterday.  I really love the colors that the lead quilter for June chose.  It really favored her color requests very well.  I always worry that my fabrics won't fit the scheme, so I am anxious to see the final quilt!  (Oh....and I have to laugh when I see this picture.  I was about to hang my blocks with the twine and clothespins, but when I saw them laid out on the pavers....I just took the picture.  Oh well!)

Blowfish Pincushion

 A gift for a friend!  I tested a pattern for a friend and I call her Kissfish in my head.  Totally cute.  I posted about her Monday if you want details and links to the tutorial!

My Fabric Bookcase

 I, of course, had to have at least ONE organization project the Saturday before we left for vacation!  Actually, I decided to put it together because the huge box was in my way.  I am now just waiting for my comic book boards to arrive so all of the fabrics can look more uniform!

Violet's quilt

I finished her...

but I don't have all my photos gathered for it...not to mention I didn't take a picture of it completed.  It was one of the items I quickly sent off because I really wanted to get it to her momma!!!

*Stay tuned:  I also finished three butterfly kisses blankets/items and a diaper clutch for our trip.  I don't have pictures of the blankets, but I do plan on taking some pictures of the clutch in the near future!

In Progress
 Twins Quilts 

Quilted on Ole Betsy right before I left on vacation.  I had about 3/4 of the binding complete right before we left.  Labels affixed.  I finished the last 1/4 of the the second quilt binding yesterday.  I am sending them through the wash so they get a bit crinkly and I need to do good check on stray threads.  Definitely will see them in all their glory in the NEAR future.  I am counting it as a "in" progress since this is the only photo I have!

Button's Cross-stitch Christmas Stocking

One great thing about a trip for me?  I take my cross-stitch along on the plane and car. 

Granted Button took the opportunity to do a bit of screaming because of cabin pressure on his ears and the GIANT molars coming this is all I have.  He also decided to be quite fussy at bedtime which resulted in a bit of no handwork for me at bedtime.  Oh well!  I now am on countdown for Christmas!

With or without his "help".

No Progress

Retro QAL (very few blocks pieced)
Twin quilt for nursery (still in design stage)
Christmas quilt (top unfinished)
Baby girl quilt kit
Thank you quilt 
Merry, Merry Snowman BOM (Block #5 kit arrived...and not a single block started..pathetic, no?)

New Projects

July's Bee block for do. Good Stitches.

I am really excited about it.  I spoke about the block I chose yesterday, if you are interested.  I am debating whether I should make mine NOW or wait until I see the blocks that arrive to me ready to be pieced and quilted....thoughts?

I am so excited for today.  I had 1000+ blog posts in my Google Reader, and I only have 92 today, and most of them?  They are blogs I found through

Click on it and meet some other quilt bloggers that are sharing their progress...not always quilts, I promise!


  1. Your chevrons look great the design and the color choice.

  2. Kissfish! SO cute. Love, love, love her.

  3. That fish is awesome! Going to have to check the tutorial out! So cute! Your chevrons are great too!

  4. Hey, those improv chevrons are really cool! And LOVe that fish. :)

  5. Heidi, you are a busy woman! You do such beautiful work!

  6. I've been on vacation, too. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. The fish is the cutest! I really like the improv blocks, and in general I'm not a big fan of doing something without planning. Maybe its the colors, but I think they look great.

  7. I just got back from my trip and am catching up on posts, so this is the first one I saw with that adorable pincushion! I think I squeed too when I first saw it. I'm definitely going to have to check out her pattern!


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