Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Calm After the Storm {Longarm Quilting}

I know it is backwards because the calm is supposed to be before the storm, but I am praying for some calm after the storm.

Boy, what a storm it has been since I last posted on WIP Wednesday last week.  I am actually in shock when I look at the calendar.   Bronchitis.  Croup.  Ear Infections.  Sinusitis. 
A scrapbook retreat in between!

It was a war zone!

We also knew Button was due for surgery for ear tubes and adenoid removal this past Friday.   But he was bumped unexpectedly to Thursday!  Which really messed up all of my plans for this action quilt.

I was supposed to be quilting all day Thursday.  
Instead?  I had to manage it while Button was still in recovery mode on Friday.
 Fun. Times.

I know! I know!  If you have been with me awhile, you might remember that I swore off all future school auction quilts!

Not my finest quilting job, I will be perfectly honest, but it was done and finished for the mom that made the top!   I am really only sharing it because I think it is a really great idea for a school auction project! 

She and her mom pieced the quilt top together.  It was really neat to hear her talk about how her mom dusted off her machine and might start get back into quilting again!

Instead of stumping a bunch of third graders and asking them to draw something for the derby theme "Run for the Roses"?  She printed off coloring pages for her classroom, had them color them, scanned them,  and printed them off on fabric.  

She did mention that she wishes she had printed just the coloring book images and let them color with the crayons directly onto the fabric.

My job?  Quilt!  I simply did a meander/stipple quilting in black thread on the sashing and border.  I didn't capture it in the photos, but you get the idea, right?

At first, I tried a few different things for the blocks, but finally settled for invisible thread.

I made the binding and attached it for her too.  I have to admit, she considered it a favor...I considered it awesome because I love doing binding.  Am I the only one that could bind quilts all day long?

The good thing about the whole thing? 

I am back in the quilting saddle.  Lots of sew-jo going on around here. 

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  1. Well I hope button is feeling better. Nice of you to quilt that for them : )


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