Saturday, June 8, 2013

Off the Grid

Ever feel like you literally fell off the blogging planet?

I feel like my blog is weeping for me and I am just abusing it with neglect.

My week of sewing started out going well.

Toy bags for Button using the Clear Toy Storage tutorial from Make It & Love it.

A little button bag for Button's nesting bowl buttons.
Say that 10 times fast.

I also finished all the remaining Teacher Mug Rugs.

Just in time for the last day of school.

But I didn't find the energy to blog about htem.
Instead, I've been hanging out with the boys since they have been out of school.

Made an ugly cake for one of the boys birthdays (so bad I don't have photographic evidence).
  Ran errands. Ran to dentist/doctor appts.

And I officially learned to knit.  This is a 21x21 inch project.

I started longarming a quilt which I am in love with.

Looks good on top..but my bobbin tension is horrible on the back.  Unpicking time.
 Equates to ignoring time.

I've also fiddled.
I started a sewing studio block.

 I thought it was a foundation pieced pattern, but it is a freezer paper pieced project.  So nw I have to figure out what I am going to do now. 
So I quit.

I've had some embroidery foibles since Thursday.

The embroidery turned out, but the burp rag pattern was way too skinny!

 Last night, I walked away, the tension issues I was having made me crazy.

So I am just going to knit and pray I find some motivation.

Quitting is usually not in my vocabulary.  So maybe we can call it a break?
I took a break from sewing and blogging?

I feel motivation stirring a bit.  But how to take advantage?
I figured I would get back on the blogging wagon.
Maybe catch up on two months worth of blog reading?

What gets you going when you are in a slump?


  1. I still can't believe all you manage to get done. Even on a break!

  2. Hey congrats on learning a new skill! Knitting is fun too. Do you have room for a new stash?

  3. The busyness of life....I really like your long arm quilting, such a shame you have to undo it, it looks so good on the top.

  4. You can't make yourself sew or craft in any manner. I just step bak, keep up with reading blogs and when the inspiration hits, run with it.

  5. love the bowls! is there a tut for that?

    1. My sitser made them for him. I "think" this is where she got the tutorial. I stalked her Pinterest!

  6. It happens. We all let our blogs slip in the priorities list (and usually with good reason, even if that reason is a lack of motivation…); we just have to be okay with it. If it makes you feel any better, I am two weeks late with this comment because I fell of the face of the internet earth. :-)

    The sewing studio block looks great. And try not to worry about your mojo. Everything goes in cycles and waves. Everything returns in time. :-)


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