Wednesday, June 19, 2013

WIP: Windsor Lane Style

Bunny Hill Designs came to my studio.

And threw up on it!
I am in the midst of piecing three quilts.  

Two blue for two boys.

One pink for one girl.

TWO babies plus ONE baby equal?


These fabrics are utterly scrumptious for their nursery.  The photos that I received were of very nuetral gray/beige and very soft pinks and blues.  The cribs? The softest of shades of pink and blue.  Almost a beige/white with just a touch of color.

I think this Windsor Lane line fits the bill!

They decided to arrive earlier than their due date in July.  Very much like triplets do. I had originally thought I would be starting this week.  Instead, I am trying to get these tops done for quilting as soon as possible.

  The boys are off their NG tube feedings and are due home, possibly next week!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


  1. i always love the little bunnies tucked in those designs. so cute and utterly baby! wow, triplets. best wished and prayers for the family. i've done the nicu with my singles preemies, can't imagine doing it with 3!

  2. Lucky, lucky babies! The fabric is so pretty and their nursery will be gorgeous.


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