Wednesday, July 3, 2013


In the spring, I was super excited here about moving my Google Reader to Feedly.

Until yesterday.

My Feedly was empty.  Sheer panic!  

And yes! I did transfer to Bloglovin, just in case, like I promised and all of my subscriptions are there.  However, I have to admit, I am a Feedly girl.  
The layout and styling and organization just "fit" better.

I decided to hunt around. IF you did not transfer your google reader by July 1st?  Do not fear!   You can still download your google reader information until July 15th, 2013 via Google Takeout.

I downloaded the files to my computer. It is a large zip drive.

Then I went to My Feedly.
I chose Import OPML.

Browsed for my subscription files on my computer. 
(your google takeout zip drive under subscriptions.xml)
 and imported the files.

I timed it.  It took about 2 minutes.

I almost cried and kissed the computer when the all arrived!
(I do have more than the screenshot shows up above, that is just a taste)

Hope this helps out anyone who might have ran into the same problem!


  1. I never have read blogs from Google Reader, always from my dashboard. Do you think I should still sign up with bloglovin or feedly? I sure wish they would leave things alone :-( I am not very good with the computer, and all these changes are challenging.

    1. I have spent a lot of time reading and the one unclear thing that I have found is that no one seems to know that will happen with our dashboards! I used to use it, but my one complaint is that I would "miss" some posts and some of them were QALs or link-ups I would have loved to participated in. My suggestion would be that it doesn't hurt to try! At this point, you would definitely need to do what I did by archiving your google reader (your dashboard "should" have saved all of your subscriptions in it automatically). You can then upload your .xml files. If you go to my original Feedly and Google reader posts, you can see why I like it so much just for the ability to categorize my favorite blogs!!!

  2. I like feedly too. I updated and did not lose my feeds though:) Glad you got it all back!


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