Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hexie Heavy {WIP Wednesday}

Keeping it simple today.  


Cat in the Hat

I finished the quilt right before the holidays.  

But this the only photo I have edited. 
Stayed tuned for Finish it Friday!

In Progress:

Hex on the Beach

Basted all 1008 hexies.  

They are almost too pretty to stitch.  But I have started the first two rows.

Stars and Stripes

I am absolutely IN love with this quilt.  

I finally finished appliqueing the hexies and piecing the stripes onto the star section.   I still have to cut the border pieces, so it is still not close to being finished. 

New Project:

Argyle Quilt

Since Stars and Stripes is in machine stage and Hex on the Beach is NOT going on our family vacation.  

I need a new EPP project. 

I think it is perfect for our teenage son.  I am really excited to start on it.  I have all the fabrics pulled from my stash.  The only fabric I had to purchase was the gray/black dot for the cross sections and borders.

Am I crazy to take on another long term EPP project from the Hexa-Go-Go book?  Would you think I am REALLY crazy to already be thinking about other quilts in the book?


  1. Wow - hexy heavy is right! All your quilts are stunning - I especially love the stars and stripes one! And wow, 1008 is a LOT of hexies!

  2. Wow! Those are all beautiful. You have my respect - I don't think I have the patience for ONE EPP and you have THREE!! :)

  3. You must really like working with hexies. Each one looks like a great project.

  4. The stars and stripes is pretty amazing! I can't wait to see Hex on the beach, is that some Tula fabric? Nice.

  5. All your projects are so beautiful! Stars in Stripes is absolutely stunning. I love that pretty box of hexies too! The colors are so pretty.

  6. Love, love, love all the hexies!

  7. You made it! I am so in love with the Flag! and also a little jealous, I want to make that too but need to start to collect different reds. No you are not crazy, you go, go hexie, girl!

  8. Hexies are the BEST! I am forever drawn to the next project and the next ; )

  9. Girl, do what you love!!! Also the Flag caught my eye. Love it!

  10. You are actually tackling that Tula Pink hexy-beast? WOW! You are my hero. My local quilt shop actually brought that kit in after seeing a table topper I made from EPP hexes but after almost 450 hexes, I developed an allergy to them. Lol. You are my kind of hard-core, lady. :-)

  11. That is a LOT of hexies! O.O

    Well done and wow!

  12. For your Stars & Stripes quilt, did you have issues with the blue & white portion being too small? I feel like I used the right hexie size, but everything was smaller than it should have been :( Yours is great! Mine is more of a pastel version.

  13. holy crap that flag hexy quilt is amazing!


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