Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Class of 2015 Auction {Quilt}

Graduation time is coming up soon!

Every year the 8th graders that want to participate are asked to turn in t-shirts that have meaning to them so that they can be made into a t-shirt quilt for the school auction.
Sometimes they are shirts from their past.  
Some give you a glimpse into their possible future.

 Some tout their favorite sports team. 
 Some are their jerseys they wore for their sports teams.  

Some can just be shirts that they happened to wear to every single "free dress" day.
And best of all? Some say "THIS IS ME".

After careful thought, a layout is chosen.  This year it was happenstance that were put in a "rainbow" sort of order.  Normally there is a plethora of school t-shirts that seem to be blue and red like the school colors, but this year the students seemed to have a fantastic range of color that just couldn't be ignored.  

The center features the front and back of their 8th grade shirt.  This year's theme "Captains of the School"

Each t-shirt is backed by a stabilizer, then pieced together.  Quilted with Rainbow Superior Thread with an organically moving rectangle/square free motion quilting on my longarm.

A variegated thread color called Tapestry.  Much like its name, it weaves throughout very well making the colors of the t-shirts sing and tell their individual stories.

Backing is gray dotted minky.  Very soft and snuggly!

Binding is a stripe that picks up so many of the colors in the quilt itself.

It was a pleasure to work on the quilt this year as our second son graduates and prepares for a new chapter in his life.  It is the 10th Auction quilt (sometimes two in one year like this year) and the 2nd T-shirt quilt I have lovingly dedicated my time on for the school in the past 11 years along with countless other sewing projects like prayer table cloths, tote bags, rosary bags, and Christmas program costumes. 

 It was bittersweet because we are moving from the area this summer and leaving behind a very beloved school.  A place that has nurtured and supported our sons through such an important time of their lives. 

Happy Graduation Class of 2015!


  1. Heidi, I'm not sure if my first comment was sent properly so my apologies if you are seeing this twice.
    What a beautiful piece of art you have created! It looks awesome! Thank you for all your hard work and long hours you put into it. It's beautiful!
    May God continue to bless you and your family on your new adventure. Thank you for sharing your family with us and all the hours you put forth volunteering! We will miss you at SLCS!
    The Yokley's

  2. Awesome T shirt quilt! You did a great job on the layout.

  3. What a fabulous idea and a beautiful quilt.

  4. I just completed 3 tee shirt quilt for my son-in-law's brother's family. He (the brother) passed away unexpectedly last summer and I am so honored to be able to give them this memory. When I quilted them with my HQ Sweet 16, I was afraid to quilt through some of the images because they were pretty thick rubbery stuff. So I quilted around them. I wondered if you've every had any problems quilting through any of the tee shirts you've used. I'm giving them their quilts on Sunday and sure hope they like the way they turned out.


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