Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Debonaire {Quilt}

courteous, gracious, and having a sophisticated charm:
a debonair gentleman.

The definition describes the man that helped restore my aunt's antique treadle I inherited. He was our neighbor in Houston that had an amazing wood workshop and did gorgeous work. He offered to help me out when he happened to walk in our garage and saw the cabinet in such a state. 

The restoration of the machine head is an entirely different, lengthy post for the future!

I was so excited, when we started discussing veneer replacement versus restoration.  There was horrible water mold stains and the top that lifts had severe rippling and lifting....not to mention that the veneer had been replaced on the sides the wrong direction by a family member in the past.  I asked him if I could pay him and he wouldn't let me. We finally agreed I would hem some curtains for him. I felt like I was getting a better part of the deal.

As our moving date fast lay approached, he rolled over the refurbished treadle.

Not only did he fix the broken lift, he replaced the veneer (in the right direction) and even made a wooden wheel to match the only three I had!!! 

I knew then I had to make a quilt for him and his super, lovely wife. Hemming some curtains was just not going to be enough. But it had to be quick.  I raided my closet and instantly knew that my Debonaire quilt kit from the Fat Quarter Shop was perfect. 

And boy. It was a painful sacrifice because I really, really was excited about the quilt for our family room. 

See how it matches my chairs!??!?

And my most favorite "traditional style" fabric on the planet.  French general.

I also looooved that this quilt also kept my SewMyStash2015 goal strong.  

I had bought the 108" backing fabric for my grandparents quilt and had just enough leftover for this one. 

And the choice of doing a Lida pantograph in beige thread was perfection!

I also made one of my embroidery labels. I spent one evening designing about 8 quilt labels on my software. And the next day stitching them out. Worth the trouble. 

I'm so glad I was able to make it in time before we moved.  

Quilt Stats:
Size: 54" square
Pattern: Debonnaire by Rachel Griffith, ItsSewEmma
Fabric: French General by Moda Fabrics
Thread: Natural Linen by Superior Threads
Quilting: Lida Pantograph on Avante Longarm

 Unfortunately, I cannot find the final finished photo.  We took a quick one with hubby's phone because my camera was packed away.  Somehow, the photos were lost when we moved them to Dropbox. 

But every time we Facebook message or text, they remind us that they use it every night!!!!


  1. I love that quilt and fabric and have the same kit from the FQS. The good news for you is that you can make a nearly identical version now that Moda has released the French General Favorites line; a lot of the prints from Rouenneries are available again. Thanks for sharing the story about your treadle, your neighbor, and the quilt!

    1. Haha! You are so sweet! I did see that recently. But I've since "let it go". I have some extra French general in case I do want make one though!!!

  2. Hi! I'm not sure how I recently found your blog, but I'm really glad I have!

    I was wondering if the flying geese drove you NUTS in this quilt, 'cause I sure see a bunch of them! I personally have a love/hate relationship with them: love everyone else's, because they look so nice and hate mine because they don't!

    Anyway, I love nearly everything that French General comes up with, so I really appreciate your quilt!! And I love how wonderful your cabinet turned out, too!

    Cya around, Barbara

    1. Welcome!! I can certainly share some tips on flying geese in the future. It's hard to explain in a quick comment, but it definitely is all about the size of the corners and stitch placement for perfect corners. I'll add it to my list of "tips" blogs I'm posting soon!


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