Monday, June 13, 2016

Little Ruby QAL {Jelly Roll Quilt} Part Two

It's time for the next round of the Little Ruby Quilt Along with Fat Quarter Shop!
Constructing that quilt star blocks!  

In case you just arrived and said, part two??  No worries!  Part One is HERE.
Make sure you watch the video below before starting!  Kimberly points out some very useful tips!

My Quilt

First, let us simply admire the yummy jelly roll chain pieced pile. 

Honestly? This part was enjoyable. It's pretty mindless and I need that here in and there while working on a quilt. This is the easy stuff.  Press the strips open. Cut triangles...

I've decided after using this Creative Grid Strip ruler, I feel the MOST comfortable placing my hand inside the triangle.  Placing my fingers on the straight edge is a little too close for comfort.

Next step. Separate the two block parts.
Print (left) versus Solid (right)

This is where things slowed down for me. I wanted to be thoughtful with my blocks by playing with color shades with my fabric selections.
Grab up your six "print" block parts to make your first quilt star block.

 Follow Kimberly's instructions in the video about the dog ear placements

 Do you just love!?!?!

Remember that "bonus" second quilt?  Here it is!!!

Gather your solid bottom triangles and arrange them like this.

The original one on the video and image appears to be scrappy, but this was my first rogue moment. I decided to use the same print for all the block parts. 

Piece the block units just like the first block.

A second quilt block!!
I'm getting very excited to have two quilts that are alike, yet different!

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Stay tuned for the Quilt Top Assembly!!!


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