Saturday, November 12, 2016

School Spirit Twister {Auction Quilt}

"We make living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."

This year, I not only committed to making the class auction quilt project HERE, I told the development office that I would be happy to make a school spirit quilt to donate to the school auction.  I loved the Houndstooth quilt, Judge Pride, I made for the High School in the spring with all the school colors in solids, but wanted to change things up this year with a different pattern.

I have pulled out my Twister ruler quite a few times to I have had the twister quilt that Tayrn from Pixels to Patchwork in my head ever since she posted it in 2014.

I think what I loved the most was that she had the white to break up each twists and she explains her process in the her post.

With that, I played around with pattern and decided on my final "look" and bought my Kona solid yardage accordingly.

I had the Twister ruler by CS designs, but it was one size and the final quilt would have either reuqied to do less twists with the white space or too large for a lap quilt. Since I knew I was going to make another one for the high school after the holidays, I bought the Twist 'n Stitch because it offered more size options.

The blocks cut fairly quickly.  And then you sew your "new" blocks again.

This is where I give you FULL disclosure. 
The one complaint I have is that only get ONE quilt for the work of two quilt tops.

I had originally planned a minky backing, but I only had dark green and blue minky.  Using dark minky with light background quilts has often presented problems for me, see HERE for more on that.  With that said, I had to run out to Joanns for a last minute shopping run and had to settle on this "not ideal" yellow dot cotton backing. I did a printed label for the back with the school motto, logo, and the occasion.

Quilt Stats:
Measures: 65" square
Pattern: Twister Quilt inspired by Pixels to Patchwork arrangement
Fabrics: Kona Nightfall, Kona Kelly, Kona Corn Yellow, Kona White, Joann Fabrics Yellow Dot
Quilted: Freemotion meandering on Handiquilter Avante

Two thumbs up from Button.
 It wasn't quite as successful at the auction as I hoped, but I felt like I did my part.


  1. First off - I wish I was Button's aunt so he would come to my house and play. All day long. He is ENTIRELY TOO CUTE. And his Aunt Barbara would SPOIL HIM ROTTEN. (ROTTEN-ER?)

    Second off, you have been busy! I got FIVE OR SIX blog entries just today! Girl! And I love the quilts you've been making! Keep up the great work!

    1. He is just delightful to have around, moooost days.

      I have been busy on the blog! I apologize!! I told myself that I had to get these older projects up on the blog. I'm planning on printing my blog by the years as scrapbooks and need to get all of the posts done! Thanks for reading them!

  2. It's a very well-made and effective-looking quilt! Very kind of you to help out the school in that way; whoever wins the quilt will love it.

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