Friday, January 20, 2017

Not So Naughty Nines {Quilt}

 This is Naughty Nines Quilt fraternal twin.  With the improv process, I ended up with two blocks.  One the reverse of the other.  They aren't exactly the same, but it be hard to tell the difference unless you have them right next to each other.

Can you see how some of the prints are flip-flopped? Especially the solid blocks.

I had to pieced the second one a little differently. The important thing about improv is that things aren't always the same each time.  I had to adjust my block sizes in order to use some of the smaller blocks.  It ended being more rectangular than square.

However, I did quilt it exactly the same.

I love how the sandstone thread calms the more gray low volume blocks to the entire background reads more beige taupe than a smattering of gray and beige.

I used the same binding also.  I did run out, so if you look suuuuper closely on the whole quilt picture, you can see a bit of solid taupe to finish it off.

Quilt Stats:
Measures: 38" x 50"
Pattern: Wonky Nine Patch Improv
Fabric: Moda Solids and a smattering of stash/scrap low volume
Quilted: Freemotion on Handiquilter Avante

The thing I loved the most was that I sorta got two quilts for the price of one!


  1. I love how the low volume background is the same block as well, looks really good. Nice quilting too!


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