Monday, February 27, 2017

Sweetwater and Linen {Sew Together Bag}

After I made my first Sew Together Bag, I decided right then and there, I would make another one just for my Sewing Circle tote that matched.

I promised myself I would have one by Quiltcon 2016.  And I let that goal slip through my fingers.
This year, I was completely determined, no matter how late I was up.

Unlike other projects, I did start it two days instead of the night before I had to leave.

I made sure I enjoyed the process instead of just rushing to get a finished project.

My patience definitely paid off!! 
 I also was super happy I attempted one of my weaknesses....machine binding.

And I have to say, it isn't too shabby!!!

I think it looks smashing with my Sewing Circle tote!!

And it was completely functional for my classes at Quiltcon 2017 in Savannah this year!!

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