Sunday, February 19, 2017

Valentine's Day {Quilted Projects}

"Love does not make the world go round.  Love is what makes the ride worthwhile."

 About two weeks ago, I pulled out these leftovers.

They were leftover layer cakes and cut triangles from my Layers of Charm quilt I made two years ago!

I didn't finish all of my Valentine's Day projects until the end of that day.  My husband and I went on vacation to Maui and I just didn't get all the quilting and binding done to take it with me on the vacation.  But I was excited to come home to these "minis".

 I'm actually super excited that I got these done so they are ready for next year!   
I don't mind being late or really early.  I just like being done!  

I used the leftover backing from the Layers of Charm quilt to make hidden zipper backings.

I was worried about using solid black binding, but I'm glad I did.  I feel like the eye is drawn only to the triangles of prints and stands out against the quilt on the chair.  The second pillow pops out against the second red chair (and more to come for a coordinating quilt in the works!).

I still had two leftover layer cakes to make two Hugs and Kisses potholders.

I intentionally set aside the lip layer cake for the X potholder.

And a red dot layer cake for the O potholder.

I used insulbrite and batting and then echo quilted both of the potholders. 

I used a fun Teal with white dot leftovers on the backings of all the potholders and trimmed them with black binding and a loop to hang them.

I almost ignored the four HSTs I had sitting around.  But before I put them in my scrap bins, I decided to play around with them and chose to make a trivet.

I didn't love it until I decided to add a coral pink embroidered stitch.

Then to round things out, I decided to make some quilted coasters for the family room again.

I raided my stash and made six of them and it makes my hubby happy because he loves my quilted coasters.

I was also inspired to make a Hugs and Kisses bunting for the fireplace.  I tried to use scrapbook paper I had in my stash that matched the colors in the Moda Kiss Kiss Fabric.

I'm sooo excited about decorating for next year and also making a few more valentine's quilts. 
 Stay Tuned!

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  1. So much goodness! I like how your Valentine's themes aren't all pink and cuteness, or too dramatic. Really warm and friendly!
    My husband loves my quilted coasters, too! I like how effective they are, and easy to stack up and put away.


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