Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Reversible Christmas & Everyday {Apron}

 "There is no saying no to Grandma's cooking!"

When Amanda at Jedi Craft Girl posted that she was destashing two apron “kits” with these Matryoshka dolls on them, I instantly yelled "BABUSHKA!" out loud and typed "ME! ME! ME!" on her post.

The reason I had to have them is that our family is of Polish descent and I grew up hearing my grandmother calling the stacking dolls she had in her family room babuskas, which means grandmother in Russian and some parts of Poland.

When Christmas rolled around, I knew that I wanted to send her one of the aprons with some cookie mix in a mason jar. 

 I found reversible instructions on Riley Blake’s website.

The dolls are just adorable and festive for Christmas. 
I also think she will love the cherries on the pockets on the "everyday use" side.

As for the second one?
 See the details HERE.
 I had to keep it for myself so I can have warm memories of my grandmother. 
She is a pretty important person in my life!

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  1. Really like the design of this apron. Love to wear it with comfortable On Cloud Shoes .


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