Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Banana and Birthday Cake Blocks {Perfect 10 Sampler Quilt Along}

Have you joined the Perfect 10 Quilt along fun?  Or are you thinking about it and need a nudge?

Either way, I can't recommend it enough!  I love that you can whip these blocks up quickly to catch up.  And I don't use the word "whip" lightly!  The names of these blocks are absolutely delectable!  I will admit, I missed the references to flavors of ice cream at first, but quickly caught on when I read "Mint Chocolate Chip" (that's a much later block and sooo much fun!)

But first...this weeks blocks!  The Banana and Birthday Cake Blocks!

Banana Block

 I found this great print from my stack of reproduction fabrics.  It reminded me of a banana that is just getting those tiny brown spots as it ripens.  I promise, with the clear instructions from the book you can't slip on this block like a banana peel on the floor!

And why do I have the sudden urge to make banana bread?!?!?
The full quilt with these blocks would be great all one color or with some really fun prints!

 Birthday Cake Block

 I'm grateful for my boys, but I sure do miss the "girly" cakes I would love to make.  This print with the purple and pink just said BIRTHDAY cake to me.  Sprinkles on my favorite icing...strawberry!
It's a great companion with the banana block with the dots of yellow!

When used in an entire quilt, it makes some incredible secondary designs. It would be great for someone who wanted to be thoughtful with color placement, but equally fun with a scrappy look!

If you need more information?  Just click below to learn more about the quilt along!

 If you want to see other quilters ideas with these blocks, I encourage you to check out these other bloggers.  We are all posting our results today!

Cynthia of Dream Quilt Create

Sinta of Pink Pincushion


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  1. Of all the blocks in Joan's email, I liked yours the best. I have a soft spot for 30's looking prints.

  2. Those are some cute blocks Heidi! I didn't realize they were ice cream flavors either :)

  3. Beautiful! Looks like something I can try since becoming disabled. I used to sew quite a bit and miss it so much!

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