Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Dutch Chocolate and French Vanilla Blocks {Perfect 10 Sampler Quilt Along}

If you need a lovely distraction today, this week's blocks are JUST the ticket!!!  You could still probably catch up with the Fat Quarter Shop quilt along today!

 Did I mention how happy I am with all these reproduction prints? 
 I'm sure I did. I just had to say it again....

Dutch Chocolate Block 

I think I always am embarrassed to say that I am not a fan of chocolate.  I don't hate it, but it's just not my favorite.  I actually have two children that refuse to eat it.  But I AM part dutch.  My maiden name is probably the most Dutch last name you could ever make up!
Because of that, I had to choose prints of little girls that had clogs on them.

I loved the orange so much, I chose the coordinating prints that had little bits of the orange in them to go with it.


This block is REALLY a great way to use a collection of your favorite layer cake stack.  You can't go wrong with a solid layer cake either!

French Vanilla Blocks

The best part of French Vanilla is that it is subtle, but has a lot of impact.  These blocks are super easy, but when you make four blocks at a time, they are just the happiest of blocks!

Because most kids start out with vanilla as their first ice cream, I decided to pick some fun children prints.

And if hubby is reading this now, he is probably rolling his eyes about that statement, but I'm being honest.  I really DO think about the story my prints are telling when I'm making quilts. 

I still have my tattered childhood book of Mother Goose Nursery rhymes in my possession.

The prints of Jack and Jill, Hey Diddle Diddle and what seems to be Alice in Wonderland are just so perfect and happy!

With that in mind, if anyone was asking? I would definitely recommend using this block pattern to make a fun baby quilt or a quilt for child that likes a specific character theme!!

If these blocks have you interested and you need more information about this quilt along?
 Just click below to learn more about the quilt along!

 If you want to see other quilters ideas with these blocks, I encourage you to check out these other bloggers.  We are all posting our versions today!

Cynthia of Dream Quilt Create

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