Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Red, White, and Blue Fun {Needlepoint Finish Projects}

"Done is better than perfect"

When I was reorganizing my studio at the beginning of the month, I found three needlework projects completed, but not finished. Long ago, I was making pillows with them, but they never were as big as I wanted or practical. 

The first two seemed pretty easy decisions. 

A rustic white frame for my kitchen display area and a small red frame for our family room end table.

The lighthouse needlepoint wasn't exactly "patriotic", but it had a vibe to it that could work, but knew that a frame wasn't going to be the finish I wanted. 

I searched around for ideas and settled on using some yarn I had for Christmas Stockings to make a binding edge. I wasn't sure about it at first....

...but it really turned out better than I thought. I used some blue heavy home dec fabric I had in my stash and stuffed and closed it.

It's tucked up in this cute basket filled with quilts and my Mount Vernon Shell Cushion Seat Kit I finished. 

I am REALLY energized this summer to get things done, both projects and blogging. It's kinda like finding "me" all over again......

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