Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bloggers Pillow Party

Umm.....as you all might surmise, I LOVE throw pillows.  I make throw pillow slipcovers ALL the time!  When I saw another blogger that I follow enter into the party.  I had to join the Bloggers Pillow Party!

I actually have plans for an Easter pillow, but I had to put it on "hold" because my sewing machine is in the shop.  I did start it with my son's machine, but he doesn't have free-motion quilting capablilites!

So, I am linking my Brand New Heart Pillow that I made in February, right before Button's arrival.  It sits happily in my  "Studio" (remember my tongue-in-cheek name for my room!)

I have to say...I was feeding James last night in my room, and I couldn't help but enjoy it!  It makes me smile for so many reasons!!!  

    Why do I love it?
    • It showcases my first try at Foundation Piecing.
    • I love to free motion quilt, but always stray away from large projects.  A throw pillow is easy to work through my finicky machine!  I am secretly waiting for a long-arm machine.  Little does hubby know how I would worship him if he bought me one!
    • I love to do hand embroidery.   The words took me a long time, but were so worth it!
    • I love when I use a design from a book.  I am always buying them, but never using them as much as I should.  This one is from: Love and Friendship Quilted Pillows.
    • I love that the quote actually stirred up some of my Grammar Police friends.  The one word "That's" really had some feathers ruffled.  I begged for forgiveness since I didn't come up with the quote myself.
    • I was able to use some buttons from my collection.
    • I used only the fabric scraps I had on hand!  A dinner napkin and scrap pieces from countless projects!
    • I took pictures so I could do a tutorial. 
    And LAST BUT NOT LEAST.  This pillow embodies everything that our family has been through since June 2009. 

    Do you think it is a worthy entry?


    1. Your pillow is a beautiful piece! This is the one I would pick! I also love stitching, at least a bit, on just about every project. Sweet quote and the heart is so nice!

    2. I love what it says! So true. Thanks for joining in on the Pillow Party!


    I cannot wait to hear what you have to say! Seriously! It makes my day!


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