Sunday, November 25, 2012

Road Trips

1000 miles in a day in a half to Disney World yielded

Mickey Mouse quilt binding.

One Mickey Mouse quilt bound with tiny dotted black fabric
(more pictures to come of the Mickey quilt in the near future)

EPP Hexies hoop...on the road.

One EPP hoop project completed

On the road needlepoint.

And a new needlepoint project started.


1000 miles back home in 16 hours in one day yielded

A lot of progress one the needlepoint project!

Progress on needlepoint cross. Almost all the gold is done!

One of quite a few Christmas ornaments for my son's highschool auction.
Thankfully, I am only responsible for ONE!

I have determined that I need to go on more road trips to get my handwork done.
 If only I didn't have to do my fair share of driving...I could have done so much more!


  1. Great use of travel time. Sadly this is something I can not do without feeling ill which is frustrating as I can't even read a book :(

  2. Wow, that is a lot of driving! Looks like you put all that time to good use!


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