Friday, November 9, 2012

Who-who-hoop la-la

Hooplala project

 I finished my Hoop-la-la swap project.  Off to the mail TODAY!

I think it is a pretty happy hoop!

 An owl that says "who-who" even though I always thought it was "hoo-hoo".  I, of course, HAD to research it..and most say "who-who" apprently!  What do you say?

Hoop birds

   I really love these two birds.  I don't know why...I just do!
Wavy white lines for movement and brown thread for bird outlines, music notes, and phrases!

Hoop felt back_edited-1

 White felt backing.  Instead of a label, I just wrote directly on it.

Felt backing

 I wouldn't call this a blanket stitch, but I used a similar technique by sewing down and angling out ahead...I just didn't capture the thread to make that "L" shape you get with a blanket stitch. 

Hoop Stats
Measures 8" in diameter
Pattern:  Adapted using Anita Peluso's Little Birds Quilt mini quilt pattern
Techniques: Pieced, quilted, appliqued
Fabrics: Moda: Eat Your Fruits n'Veggies by Pat Sloan and Mod Century by Jenn Ski and one piece of craft felt.
Thread: Guttermann

 Process Thoughts

My thoughts on things I would or could do better. 
I have been told recently that I am way too hard on myself, but I feel strongly that every project is a lesson to be learned.
  • Consider making red fabric row in the middle shorter.  With the red row smaller, the white strips would be much taller and accommodate the birds and owl better.
  • Consider mixing the colors all over. I was going for blue sky and green ground, but not quite sure if I expressed that well.
  • Use a non-white WOOL felt for the back.  But it is the back, so it shouldn't really matter, right? 

I sure hope my partner likes it!!!!!!!


  1. what an awesome hoop. I love those birdies birdies birdies! There have really been some fun things popping up in the flickr group, it's been a fun swap to be in.

  2. I like the colour blocking. If you mixed the colours it would have a different feel. It is cute!

  3. WOW! What a sweet hoop, I just love the birds. Where does this swap originate, it looks like alot of fun?!

  4. I LOVE the birds and am sure that your partner will love it. I know I would. I cant share mine as my partner would pick it as hers immediately. hugs

  5. It's so darling! And those birds are just precious! And maybe you are too hard on your self. I really think most of us women need to be much nicer to ourselves. Your partner is going to love her hoop :-)

  6. I love it Heidi. So happy it arrived in my mailbox.

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  8. this is very cute and i must say i need to stictch them into my women woolen dress .


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