Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Quilt for the Button

 I am so excited!  I gave my new girl a bit of a run and feel confident to start working on some "orders" for friends and family.

I finished little Button's quilt!!

I think Button is excited too!

I have only made one other quilt for one of my children, and that one sits with her memory box.  

This quilt was therapuetic in many ways.

  I bought the "if its a girl" and "if its a boy" quilt kits from Joann's.  

I planned to do them BEFORE he arrived, but I think there was fear.  
Fear that if I made a quilt, I would be coming home empty armed again.  

So demons where vanquished as I worked on it. Cutting went smoothly.  Placing the squares?  Not so much.  Too many mishaps to explain the amount of times my flannel fell and squares fell on the floor.

  I was very anxious about deciding on my quilting plan.  I let the quilt hang out in the studio for a while. 

The usual struggle in my head occurred!  Should I free-motion?  Should I do even lines.  Should I cross even lines to make small squares.  Should I try to make hearts in each large square?

Then I started to doodle. 

Don't you just love post-its?

I decided that I would meander, but cross my lines.  And every so often I would add a heart. 

My heart!

  I emphasized a few of the larger hearts by mimicking the pebble quilting effect.

I will be honest....I let my stitch lengths go a little long.  I have to practice getting them a bit shorter.  My new machine was a bit quick for me!

But I don't think Button cares!

Or maybe he wonders about my ability to quilt?

Or is he more worried about my ability to bind it?

He should be.  

I usually hand stitch my bindings, but wanted to try to do it solely by machine.


 Major FAIL mom!

But I pulled it out in the end!  A little time and a seam ripper, and some handstitching. 

I was back in business!

Phew, Mom....That was a close one!

I'm so glad that I pushed through all the difficulties to finish it.
  It sure was worth it for this little guy!

Edited:  Took a few better pictures of the kit and doodle.  And somehow I was missing a picture of the hand stitched binding!


  1. Beautiful quilt and adorable 'Button'. I'm sure he doesn't care what the binding looks like or how long your stitch length is. I've free motioned several quilts and my stitch length is far from perfect.

  2. Love it! Especially the quilting. And he looks like he loves it! Don't you love this age?

  3. Love the quilt! The 'button' on top is particularly cute! :)

  4. he's so adorable it's ridiculous...
    (Steiger loves him too)

    Beautiful quilt for an adorable little guy!

    And the quilting looks good!

  5. That's a very cute quilt, but an even cuter Button!! He's adorable- I just want to SQUEEZE him!

  6. Great job with the quilting and binding! Very cute quilt and adorable little guy:)

  7. That's a gorgeous quilt, and I love your quilting design! And little Button is just too cute..... whoop whoop!!


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